Essay Questions About Into The Wild

1. Jon Krakauer wrote an article about Chris McCandless for OUTSIDE magazine in January of 1993. Explain why Krakauer was then compelled to write the book, Into The Wild

Krakauer had also been rebellious as a young man and done things as daring as Chris had attempted. He wanted to learn more about Chris and validate his life.

2. Tell how Krakauer disliked the assertion from so many people that Chris had foolishly thrown away his life.

Krakauer believed that Chris was not as much of a greenhorn as people accused him of. Krakauer's research proved that Chris learned about things he needed to know to survive in the wild.

3. How does Krakauer rebut the idea that Chris was a reckless idiot, a wacko, a narcissist?

Krakauer gives evidence that Chris was no different from many idealistic, however short sighted, young people.

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Essay Topic 1

Write an essay on your idea of living off the land. In the essay give specific details about the knowledge one would need before attempting to live that way. What skills would a person need as well? Where would be ideal locations for such an endeavor?

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay expressing your opinion of Chris McCandless. Answer whether he was mentally stable, how he did or did not use people, whether he might have survived except for some bad luck, and how well he was prepared to survive alone.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay about Walt and Billie as examples of people working hard to fulfill the American dream. Explain whether you think their ambition might have affected their children. Conclude with your opinion about making money and making a life.

Essay Topic 4

Write an essay about loneliness. Using Ron Franz as an example, write...

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