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Practice makes a man perfect is a proverb that refers to the importance of practice in the human life as it makes a man perfect.

Essay on Practice makes a Man Perfect

Practice can make everything possible for a man and make them perfect on regular practice in any area. We must know the importance of practice in our daily life especially students. Now-a-days, essay writing is one of the good strategies followed by teachers in the schools and colleges in order to enhance the English writing skill and knowledge of the students about any topic. Essay writing is also an effective way to get views, new ideas and positive suggestions by the students about any topic. Following are some paragraphs, short essays and long essays on Practice makes a Man Perfect to help students in completing their task in the classroom. All the Practice makes a Man Perfect essay are written very simply. So, you can select any essay according to your need and requirement:

Practice makes a Man Perfect Essay 1 (100 words)

Practicing anything on regular basis indicates one’s intellectual and aesthetic abilities. Practice makes a man perfect as it brings perfection which leads a man towards achieving excellence is a particular subject or field. Action performed with proper planning and regular practice leads a person towards perfect performance. Practice brings quality in any action as well as it prepares a person for all other qualities. Practice helps us in avoiding errors and completes the task with perfection. Practice is very crucial thing we must develop it in our life. It is best if we develop it from the childhood with the support of our parents and teachers.

Practice makes a Man Perfect Essay 2 (150 words)

Practice makes a man perfect is a proverb which tells us the importance of continuous practice in any subject to learn anything. There is no alternate to the hard work and success; we must have to practice in the particular field on regular basis in which we want to succeed. No one has any short-cut way to get mastery in any field like trade, art, sport, academic area, etc. Only continuous practice can make us able to get success through the perfection in any field of activity. Knowledge is a big thing but alone it cannot take us to our goal, we have to convert our knowledge into action which needs a regular practice.

Practice is the only thing we can acquire mastery in any field because it brings perfection into the action. Just take the example of subjects like physics and mathematics which are based on practice as we forget all the rules without practice. We need continuous practice if we want to bring perfection in learning anything like music, singing, dancing, English speaking, sports, computer, painting, etc.

Practice makes a Man Perfect Essay 3 (200 words)

The meaning of proverb ‘Practice makes a man Perfect’ is, to succeed in life in any particular field or subject, one need to practice regularly with full commitment and planned strategies. Getting success is not an easy phenomenon; it needs knowledge, skill and most importantly the regular practice. If you desire to be a world-class famous musician, you need to buy an instrument, arrange a good teacher, learn and practice on it daily for required hours. There is no power which can make you Kapil Dev or Sachin Tendulkar over night merely through the inborn skill or complete knowledge about cricket. You cannot reach to the target without committed practice. You have to go to the cricket field every day for hours to practice cricket under the guidance of a good and highly skilled coach.

You need to take care of the very little mistakes to bring perfection in the same work you are doing as well as obey your guide with respect. If we see the list of successful people, we see that there is regular practice and involvement with full commitment in their work. Students, who achieve good marks or rank in board examinations, have studied throughout the year with planned time table and open eyes. They have revised and re-revised their syllabus and made themselves perfect in all the subjects. There is no alternate to the regular practice which can make one perfect. Without practice you can give only average performance but not perfect performance in any work.

Practice makes a Man Perfect Essay 4 (250 words)

Practice makes a man perfect is a proverb which indicates that practice brings perfection in any work we are doing whether sports or academics. Regular practice leads us towards success by correcting all the mistakes and errors. Each and every target, whether it is sports or education, needs different way of training in order to build strength as well as remove errors to get perfection. A decision maker, who wanted success to be achieved, must practice according to the planning for the required hours daily. He/she must believe in hard practice regularly with determination to get improvement to reach to the goal. Dedication towards work with regular practice put us into the achievement of goal.

In order to lead a team needs more and more tough practice which gives experience to handle and lead the team. Being a team leader, one need to know well about the subject, read, write or play, skill to try new ideas to bring innovation and know well about all the team member to use their knowledge and skill for team. And most importantly, in order to do all such things, team leader needs to practice harder daily for hours, and then he/she can be a good and successful team leader. This proverb fits in many ways in our daily life activities. Sometimes, bad situations teach many people to work harder for achieving things however; some people become target based by birth because of their parents. People, who want good career in future, push themselves towards practice of all necessary things. Some people get failed to practice because of the lack of determination.

Practice makes a Man Perfect Essay 5 (300 words)

Practice makes a man perfect is a famous proverb which teaches us about the importance of regular practice in our life to get success. Practice with the use of intellectual and aesthetic powers leads a person towards perfection by correcting all the possible errors. Practice brings completeness and excellence to the performance. Practice done with a proper planning promotes a person for perfect performance. It is very necessary to practice in the right direction under the guidance of good guide or trainer to reach to the goal. Practice means repeating an activity in the right direction which sharpens the talents.

Each activity (such as good habit, cleanliness, punctuality, discipline, etiquettes, reading, writing, speaking, cooking, dancing, music, singing, driving, etc) needs practice in order to bring quality and perfection. Practice needs a person to have hard work, patience, faith, strong will power, tolerance, positive thinking, self confidence, determination and dedication. Practice prepares a person having quality for all other qualities. A person should not stop practicing until he/she achieves the perfection.

Practice is the best way to achieve perfection as a person practices more, he/she becomes more errorless and confident. Through practice we do not repeat the same error that is done previously and learn new things. One can develop the habit of practice at any age however; it is best to develop right from the childhood like practicing other activities such as walking, talking, writing, reading, eating, playing, cooking, etc. A school going kid first practice writing letters, then the words, sentences and finally the paragraphs and big articles; which lead him towards perfection whether in writing, reading or speaking. In this way, a kid gets developed into a talented and skilled adolescence a day through regular practice.


Practice makes a Man Perfect Essay 6 (400 words)

If we pay some attention in our daily routine activities, we found many example of practice makes a man perfect. Nature itself is perfection in its various forms. Man including other living beings has to strive hard in order to attain livelihood. Man has to practice regularly in order to learn anything perfectly. Man himself has to set goals and then practice accordingly to be successful in life. In order to practice regularly, one needs to have lots of patience, dedication and will power. Practice can change man’s quality into better qualities. In order to practice certain activities, man has to concentrate his mind, soul and body at one place uniformly to achieve certain requirement more smoothly and satisfactorily.

Without firm determination, no one can successfully involve in the regular practice. Hopeless people can never do practice as they easily lose their patience before getting the proper result. In order to continue the practice, one needs to have hope, patience, faith, and confidence with positive thinking. If we put our sight at the history, we see that there was Eklavya who was denied by the Droncharya to teach the art of archery however; his resolute determination helped him and he learned the art of archery very well after years of practice in front of his master’s idol.

Practice is like an exercise and mantra for us which brings our physical and mental entities at one path of required frequency and leads us towards perfection, slowly but surely. Practicing continuously with faith creates a cohesive force which connects the physical and mental entities together to work at required frequency. Anyone can achieve his/her goal slowly but definitely if he/she go with the planned practice. Ambitious people do hard practices to see their ambitions fulfilled but never suppose to defeat. Practice is the best tool which we can use to sharpen our abilities and capabilities beyond our capacities in the pursuit of goal. Practice is the best friend which leads us towards success and make the knowledge remain with us.

It helps people to awaken their lethargic potential by inducing confidence level. It calms our mind and gives happiness as practicing anything is like a meditation. We can achieve anything and reach to the unreachable heights in our life through practice. It prepares us to go in right direction and sharpen our abilities to face challenges and win. Practice is the continuous activity which enhances the will power and encourages us to run to the goal with strong perfection.

Practice makes perfect: Meaning, Explanation, Examples
(Essay, Speech)

Practice Makes Perfect Essay

The proverb is one of the oldest that has stood the test of time. As the proverb says, practice makes perfect. It is applicable in all the spheres of life whether it is related to studies, sports or your own life. Practice makes perfect means that diligent habit of working can make any person attend the ideal state of their preferred work. Without the hard work and dedication, it is not possible to attain the stage of mastery. Excellent gain is not something that can be achieved overnight. It needs its proper share of time and one’s commitment to reaching the goal.

Practice Makes Perfect: Meaning

According to an argument which was first stated by Malcolm Gladwell in the book “Outliers” is that to become world-class in any field a person will at least need to work for about 10000 hours. While the exact value of some hours is overwhelming, it only goes on to state that the state of perfection or mastery is not a single day job. A person will continuously need to invest in practice and elevate the skill set required to become the next leader in the field. Otherwise, it will be difficult to cut through the competition.

Ideology of a craftsman

In the book “So good they can’t ignore you” by Cal Newport, the author describes the mindset of a craftsman. The ideology is that a craftsman instead of searching for a passion that will fulfill every requirement will rather focus on the work. The craftsman will put day and night to collect the skill capital and will apply it to become the mastery. Ultimately, in the process, the set skill will make him more passionate about the work. Thus, deliberate practice of earning the skill is essential in getting to the level of perfection.

The path to mastery

The above proverb, when interpreted in a different perspective, can also be related to another saying, “Uses makes mastery.” The following proverb describes that if a person needs to get mastery in one skill, then he will need to use it again and again. In that way, the action turns into a habit and then habit turns the work into perfection. Attaining that edge of incredible is something that can only be achieved if the skill of time is put into use and not just read about theories.

Beyond the usual interpretation

The proverb sends a message of deliberate practice. This form of working helps to focus on the task and also increases the chance that material is well understood. Not only has that it is also given us the direction as to how such practices should manifest itself after a long run. There is no need deadline or a particular stage to be reached. But the uncertainty and the continuous quest for improving go hand in hand. There is no denying the fact that it takes a lot of willpower even to start a single step towards perfection, but with practice, the goal gets closer every day.

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Conclusion: Practice Makes Perfect (Essay)

Every human should aim to achieve the perfection. Without the hunger for becoming the best, one cannot just live the life of greatness. But to reach the final goal, one should need to undertake lots of practice. It is the practice that will give him the ability to exercise the right action at the right time and achieve the desired goal whenever required. Therefore, practice makes perfect is a life lesson to adhere with whenever possible and one should always seek to attain perfection through practice.

Practice makes perfect: Meaning, Explanation, Examples (Essay,Speech)

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