Ics English Gcse Assignment

Hi, I've just started an A Level with ICS Learn who are a distance / home learning provider and I'm really disappointed with them. For example I'm only about 25 pages into their course material and it so poorly written. The grammar is just awful, typos, wording that doesn't make sense. And I have brought the book that they suggested which is written by the exam board AQA and the info in the book is different to what's in the ICS course material! So if that particular question came up in my exam, and I went with what ICS has taught me I could possibly lose points. Its off putting more than anything because Im trying to take in the information but I'm focusing on the mistake more than anything!! This course was £400! £400 for a rushed, poorly written few pieces of paper in a binder that hasn't even been proof read of checked before sending it out! I have emailed them to complain and I'm still waiting on a reply. Has any one else had any problems with them?

So I finished college in June with 3 A levels (4 if you count General Studies). I decided to take this first year off to decide where I want to head in my life; I don't have the luxury of knowing what career I want, unlike some. I thought I'd try self-teaching A level maths, because I enjoy computer programming and may have enjoyed maths/physics, but I've been liking it less and less as of late, and am considering stopping.

One thing that I've always had as a dream of mine is to be an author. However, as most authors have other careers and it's not an easy thing to make money from, I've always been realistic and set it aside as a goal. But now that I'm not enjoying maths, and can't think of anything else that I'd enjoy, I'm starting to think about writing as a career choice. I'm still not going to say "I'm going to be an author", but I'm starting to think I'd be happiest being some sort of writer (be it journalist, or political theorist, or academic philosopher, or whatever else; I simply enjoy writing). Christopher Hitchens is one of my biggest idols, and I'd love to follow in his footsteps, but of course a career like that doesn't just fall into your lap (being an excellent journalist, debater, and author, amongst many other things). I'm going to re-sit my politics exam to hopefully bump it up from a C to a B or an A, and then at some point attempt to get another A level (as my grades weren't the best: my own stupid fault).

I'm thinking this A level would be best to be A level English. I love reading, and I love writing. I love writing politics, philosophy, and above all: fiction. And I love reading all sorts of things, from the greats like Dickens to modern-day "greats" like Stephen King, to modern-day pulps and ****ty Y.A novels like The Hunger Games and Battle Royale. So I guess English is something I'd enjoy. I just didn't take it because I couldn't think of a career I wanted from it. With all of this being said, I guess regardless of which career I choose, if it's going to be writing related, an English A level would suit me best.

So, the questions:

1) Firstly, for someone like me, which is best? A level English Literature, or English Language?

2) Secondly, is it possible to self-teach this? If not, is a site like "ICS Learn" a good website to use, once I have the money? I was recommended not to for A level Maths because the books are outdated and it's not worth the money, but for English I'm not too sure. Plus, English's content would be harder to learn without a site like that, I think.

I should note, however, that they only offer A level English Literature or A level English Language, not Language/Literature, on ICS Learn.

When I was looking into Language vs Literature, I'd liked everything about the literature side, but not everything about the language side. For instance, I like the idea of learning about grammar and how to write properly, because grammar's something I struggle with. But I don't like the idea of looking into language and its effect on society, its influences and all that stuff. That doesn't appeal to me too much.

Sorry for the long post, but I feel the information's relevant. I'm at a bit of an impasse at the moment, in my life, and I don't know where I'm heading. I feel a little lost. Also, any suggestions on careers and where to go in general would be very much appreciated.


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