Firepower Royal Artillery Museum Review Essay

All about Pollock’s Toy Museum in London

Pollock’s Toy Museum can be found under the scale in two of the 18 century town. This building is full of small rooms and stairs rust. There are three floors including dusty dolls, dolls and teddy bears, toys and tin, games and visual tricks. There are a myriad of mechanical toys for men and sensitive doll house for women.

There is also a wide range of popular games from Asia, India and Africa. Do not forget to pop in a game shop in the basement, which sells goods better quality of wood and old fashioned cinema with cardboard cutout sculptures.

Pollock’s Toy Museum is named after Benjamin Pollock (he is one of the printer share the stage in the trade toy theatre). It is dedicated for the preservation and appreciation of the lost art of Toy Theater. The all types of antique toys turn to the toy store in the museum for two adjacent buildings that serves as a retail store as well. The displays of this museum are suitable for all ages, and not for those easily distracted by glancing glasses rope doll or glass eyed baby doll.

Pollock’s Toy Museum opened the game in 1956.  It is a museum in the old houses (from the 18th century and 19) which is packed with old playing in some rooms. One walks in the attempt narrow stair case to look at all the games with drawer unit and several rooms are full of fun toys. There are narrow stairs with the play all over the walls and directly bring you to the store game which is filled with replicas of old toys dish.

This museum  is dedicated to the traditional English toy theater. Pollock’s toy museum in London is just one of the kids’ museums and attractions free to London pass holders. It also consists of the stage for the game (or Paper Theater) which is most popular in the 1800s. In addition, you can also find paper or wooden theaters with an incredible level of detail. It allows children to stage their production at home, usually with cut paper out of the characters of the scenery, props and various characters in the play.

This Pollock’s Toy Museum offers of dolls and the stages of theaters and a captivating glimpse into a bygone era of lost art. Visitors can also see the range of games from all over the world, from houses to train sets. Pollock’s toy museum is located near of Oxford Street and Covent Garden so it is perfect for children. More academic persuasion can enjoy lectures and events in the history of this wonderful art. Here you can find such a variety and a wide variety of toy. There are many old toys from around the world with so many types of dolls; some of them have a sad expression on their faces.

There is a whole set of dolls from Jane Addams; she is the first American woman who win the Nobel Peace Prize. The room is full of old dolls. You can find German dolls, plush toys from China and around the world. There are other rooms with toy boys with toy guns, electric train, a long time from 1840 rocking horse, a man of action, including Switzerland men’s work dating back to 1921.

You can also find the selection of teddy bears, the oldest from 1905. In addition, it is presented play of all ages and from all over the world in the Pollock’s Toy Museum, such as China dolls, toys, tin, dolls and teddy bears. There are also board games and a detailed copy of the original Victorian nursery dish.

Pollock’s Toy Museum Address

1 Scala St, London W1T 2HL,
United Kingdom
Phone : +44 20 7636 3452
Website :

Opening Hours

Thuesday -Thurday – Friday – Saturday – Monday : 10.00AM – 5.00PM
Sunday : Closed

Pollock’s Toy Museum Maps

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Firepower Royal Artillery Museum Reviews

Firepower Royal Artillery Museum is located in south-east London. The museum displays the bombing of the 15th century, the ancient Indian mortar, armor and artillery units Chinese and modern. Visitors can also explore the history of the British artillery fire and stepped up the sound field with an explosion and smoke in the air.

There is also area for children at the museum; children can participate in the program of the evening in a museum here. Firepower Royal Artillery Museum tells the story of men and women more than two million of them who served as Arsenal at the Royal Artillery Regiment since its inception.

This museum is good to visit for anyone with an interest in the army and also for those who just want to see things in history. It offers a wide range of activities for children, including military exercises, handicrafts, tourism, actors and campfire sing along. Firepower Museum also caters for the children of party designed for boys and girls between 6 and 11 years and it will be held on Saturday.

Firepower tells the powerful story of artillery and exciting scientific discoveries which are made through wars and human stories of courage and effort. It also includes ground shaking visual audio; event the field fire puts you in the middle of the battle as the hum of the overhead roar of guns and shells.

Be sure not to miss the audio-visual presentation in firepower in Firepower Royal Artillery Museum. This event is one part of the Regiment Royal Artillery Museum with exhibits dating back to medieval battle. The museum also has a very strong claim to be the oldest facility in the United Kingdomwhich is dedicated to militaries. The first museum is opened to the public in 1802 site.

Last weapon is the decoration of soldiers fighting on horseback. This museum displays part contemporary conflicts that the Royal Regiment of artillery expense. It is equipped with antiques, citations and archive footage playing on screens dotted around the room. It describes the soldiers their experiences in distant places such as Northern Ireland, the Falkland Islands, and the battlefield of Basra in Iraq to the current conflict in Helmand province in Afghanistan.

There is also a mockup of the desert Forward Operating Base (FOB) or with a screen that displays video of a series of traditional military activities, both inside and outside the task. After the region drunk a little, in the end, the visitors get a chance to see some of the big guns such as field adjacent to the fire room, jumped room with a large projection screen where they are holding talks and special events. The room is about the two sides and panels featuring large artillery.

On the ground floor of Firepower Royal Artillery Museum, you will find an example of the many pieces of artillery of the 20th century. There is a large part in the back of the hall which is given to explore the royal role of artillery in World War II. You will also find the rebuilding of cinema bombing. In this case there is a documentary film running in theaters during the conflict.

This section is one of the rarest artifacts in the museum. It is the “graveyard of arms” which is used to carry the coffin of Edward VII and George V. There is artillery exhibition hall history which is dominated by a series of gun carriage horse. There are examples of weapons which are used in china. At this level you will also find the most valuable treasure, this is medal in motorcycle museum exhibition.

It features a selection of 7000 on a strong set of orders, decorations and medals. It includes about 62 vc which is given to members of the royal artillery regiment. Starting in the 1880s by Captain Neville Lloyd, the group has grown dramatically over the past 130 years, more than inheritance and donation by the officers and soldiers of the regiment families. That’s our article about Firepower Royal Artillery Museum.



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