Managing Human Resources At Barden Bearings Case Study

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Susan E. Jackson is Distinguished Professor of Human Resource Management in the School of Management and Labor Relations, Rutgers University--New Brunswick, NJ. She received her doctoral degree from the University of California at Berkeley and previously held positions on the faculties of New York University, University of Michigan, and University of Maryland. She is an active member and Past President of the Academy of Management and founder of, which is an online resource for students, teachers, and scholars interested in managing human resources in environmentally sustainable organizations. In addition to green HRM, she is an expert in strategic human resource management and the social dynamics of effective work teams. She has published dozens of articles and book chapters on these and related topics. She is the author or editor of several books, including, Managing Knowledge for Sustainable Competitive Advantage (with Michael Hitt and Angelo DeNisi), Managing Human Resources in Cross-Border Alliances (with Randall Schuler and Yadong Luo), Diversity in Work Teams, and Managing Human Resources in Environmentally Sustainable Organizations (forthcoming, with Deniz Ones and Stephan Dilchert). Professor Jackson also serves as a Book Editor for the Routledge Series in Global Human Resource Management.

Randall S. Schuler is Distinguished Professor of International Human Resource Management and Human Resource Strategy, Past Director of the Masters in HRM Program, and Founder and Past Director of the Center for Global Strategic Human Resource Management in the Department of Human Resource Management in the School of Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers University. He is also on the faculty of the Lorange Institute of Business Zurich as a Research Fellow and the faculty of Lancaster Management School as a Visiting Fellow. His interests are global human resource management, strategic human resource management, the human resource management function in organizations and the interface of business strategy and human resource management. He has authored or edited over forty-five books. In addition, he has contributed over sixty chapters to reading books and has published over one-fifty hundred articles in professional journals and academic proceedings. Presently, he is Chief Editorial Consultant for the European Journal of International Management and is on the Editorial Boards of several journals including the Cross Cultural Management, Organizational Dynamics, Journal of World Business, The International Journal of Human Resource Management, and Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources. Currently he is co-editing a GLOBAL HRM Series for Routledge Publishing, London England, with P. Sparrow, S. Jackson and M. Poole. It is comprised of more than twenty books and involves more than 300 authors from around the world. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, a Fellow of the British Academy of Management, a Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and a Fellow of the Academy of Management.

Developing Leadership & Performance Across All Levels


Organisation & Objective

ESG is the UK’s leading provider of compliance services, providing an unrivalled range of technical expertise to over 5,000 clients through a national network of consultants and field based operations.  The objective was to create significant change in the leadership population across the three leadership tiers of the organisation.



After engaging and consulting with key stakeholders, RW Learning constructed three programmes;

Insights - for Senior Managers  |  Progress - for Middle Managers  |  Aspire - for First Line Managers


We delivered an organic design process to establish the right content and tools for the programme.  This enabled us to evaluate, flex and adapt the programme on an ongoing basis.  Working in partnership with HR, we incorporated them into the delivery of the workshops.  This approach was an outstanding success and received accolade at the highest level internally.  All 120 participants were profiled following the principle of ‘knowing oneself' as the first step to performance development.  Each cohort was set real workplace challenges and developed a business case to prove their impact.  This encouraged focus, inquisitiveness and engagement, leading to better results.



The eighteen month programmes have proved to be a great success.  Leaders at each tier are working at their peak performance levels.  The organisation is more efficient and leaders have been promoted from within.  Leaders of all levels perform with clarity and are now achieving the leadership behaviours defined.  This has increased productivity and middle managers are now empowered from being left to take control over managing day to day operations.




What does our client say?

"Ian is an extremely professional executive coach and trainer. He gets under the skin of the organisations he works with, understanding the operations and the culture, and then delivers in a manner that suits the business he is working for. This gives him an ability to get buy-in immediately from the audience. A dedicated and extremely hard-working business manager who works to ensure that he delivers what he promises across all areas. I would certainly use him and his business again."  Steve Lynas, HR Director, ESG.


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