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Essay on Racism in the Film Remember the Titans

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In the movie "Remember the Titans" there are many lessons that every person should learn in their life. One of the most important lessons is that of racism. In this day and age some people believe that racism is over because there are no longer any slaves, some people believe that there is still racism but that it is ok. I believe that those people would benefit a great deal from seeing this movie. I know that there is still racism, I also know that it is not ok.

There is a scene in this movie where the coach takes the team on a long run in the middle of the night. They end up at the break of dawn at a cemetery. The coach tells the young men of the battle that was fought on that ground. He told of the blood shed on those grounds that…show more content…

In this world we learn just about all of our beliefs from our parents, right or wrong. So many people grow up wanting to change the world, but they never figure out how to do it so they give up.

Gerry and Julius developed an amazing friendship built on trust and respect. They learnt to appreciate the meaning of trusting a man?s soul rather than their color. They worked to overcome the racial issues and heal the conflict.

In the beginning Gerry and Julius would not acknowledge one another, they were like enemies. When they looked at each other it was with revulsion and fear. They both lived their own separate lives with their own kind and did not want to bond with the others. If they did join with another race it was like a crime. They treated each other with such ignorance and hatred. They couldn?t stand each another and hated the way the other one acted.

When both Gerry and Julius found out that they were going to be in the same football team they didn?t want to consider the

They were both so narrow-minded and stubborn which resulted in neither seeing the other side of things. It seemed impossible for these two players to become friends and forget about their racism. The closer they became the more they forgot about their differences and the more they defended their friendship. They were too determined to let their teammates hold them back.

As a result they both ended up playing football.

When Gerry and Julius considered

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English Level 1 Remember the Titans Essay

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You have a done a great job with this essay. See my notes in your essay below.

Question: Describe at least ONE important conflict in the text(s). Explain how this conflict helped you understand one or more characters, supporting your points with visual and/or oral language features.

Remember the Titans, directed by Boaz Yakin, is a film that shows the conflict of racism at a school called T.C Williams in Alexandria, Virginia,1971. The film follows the football team, The Titans. Gerry and Julius, two very important boys in the film, were a part of the football team. They helped the town take down racism. Boaz Yakin does this with dialogue and camera shots. Good set up.

Alexandria, Virginia was a very racist town. There were no mixed colored schools, buses or football teams. During the beginning of the film, a black teenager was shot by a white shop owner. Things like this were stopped after a high school named T.C Williams became a mixed color school and had started a mixed color football team. The Titans were not happy when they found out that colored boys will be joining their football team. The team captain, Gerry, was especially not happy about this. However, Gerry started to change when the team went to a football camp. His team mates and new black coach started to grow on him and helped him understand the difficulties and the bad parts of racism. Gerry started treating his colored teammates (and just colored people in general) like normal people - just how it should be. This helped me understand the character Gerry as the kind and loving person he is. As an example of the change we saw in Gerry was when Gerry and his colored teammate, Julius, helped break up a fight between white and colored boys. Yakin shows that Gerry and Julius aren't very different in this scene with a wide two shot of the boys mirroring each others body language after the fight had finished. Great paragraph and good use of an example that includes a technique.

Julius joined the football team because of his love for football. When they went to the football camp, Julius was constantly bickering with Gerry. As the football camp continued, Gerry and Julius formed a friendship. Why did they? How was this conflict resolved? They all did. Julius was a big part in how they changed the town as he helped them win all their football games that bught the town together. Julius was very determined in winning every game they played and to be perfect. He helped bring the team together to be the best team they could be. This shows that Julius is a kind and loving person that won't stop to help others become better until they are better. He helped Gerry change into an open minded and loving friend. An example of this is when Gerry was in hospital and Julius ran into his room and the nurse told him to leave but Gerry used dialogue to tell her he was family. “Alice, are you blind? Don't you see the family resemblance? He's my brother.” Is this paragraph really focused on conflict?

After watching this film, I have seen the kind and loving boys Gerry and Julius have become after they helped overcome racism. The hard work they put into inning all those games and showing people that colored people are not bad people shows how kind they. I think Boaz Yakin did a great job of showing these things through camera work and dialogue. Good summary.
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