Bedford Reader Vampires Never Die Essay

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Reid <sho)s a'out ,om'ies- %ie)ers o'ser%e 'rainless ,om'ies )ho seem misera'le )hi(h (auses repulsion o" eternal li"e. $ampires represent the desire o" eternal li"e- )hile ,om'ies represent the torture o" the (urse o" eternal li"e. The origin o" these monsters pla!s an important role in their e%olution 'e(ause it shapes the opinions horror "ans "orm a'out %ampires and ,om'ies. #iterar! and onBs(reen eamples (on%e! that %ampires and ,om'ies ha%e e%ol%ed o%er time. rom olidori+s

The Vampyre



- %ampires ha%e e%ol%ed into relata'le (hara(ters )ith de%eloped personalities. n h! $ampires e%er 3ie-4 the authors )rite *s a sedu(ti%e "igure- the %ampire is as "lei'le and pol!%alent as e%er4 ;del Toro and ogan <=>. This idea eplains the )a! %ampires ha%e e%ol%ed into %ersatile (reatures that attra(t a )ide range o" audien(es. 7in(e the 'eginning- %ampires ha%e 'een relata'le (reatures due to their humanBlie appearan(e- )hi(h allo)s "ans to (onne(t )ith %ampire (hara(ters- thus representing the attra(tion o" 'eing a %ampire and ha%ing eternal li"e. n (ontrast- ,om'ies are not (omple (reatures there"ore- ,om'ie (hara(ters are not de%eloped )hi(h (auses horror "ans to 'e una'le to "eel attra(tion "or a ,om'ie or )ant to 'e a ,om'ie. Klosterman eplores this idea in his essa!  '! )riting- Dou (an+t add mu(h depth to a (reature )ho (an+t tal- doesn+t thin and )hose onl!moti%e is the (onsumption o" "lesh4 ;?0>. @e(ause ,om'ies la( personalities and "eelings- the! represent eternal li"e has its do)nsides. &om'ies (annot e%ol%e to "un(tion amongst humans- so the! are trapped in an eternal li"e o" loneliness and )andering. 7in(e olidori+s

The Vampyre

- %ampires ha%e e%ol%ed into (hara(ters )ith de%eloped  personalities allo)ing horror "ans to lie or dislie them. n the


 saga- "or eample- man!%ampires attra(t "ans )ith their relata'le personalities and good loos. ans desire eternal li"e  'e(ause the! o'ser%e %ampires- lie the ones in T)ilight- e%ol%e into 'eauti"ul (reatures. 9nlie %ampires- horror "ans are not attra(ted to spe(i"i( ,om'ie (hara(ters. ans o" ,om'ies are


 Tumlin 2

oursel*es #urther is &hat ma%es horror mo*ies en;oya(le 8King 1!. "aring the nightmare is li%e &atching more o# a scary mo*ie e*en though the mo*ie is already &ay (eyond the point o# gi*ing you nightmares. 5t pushes the limits o# ho& much scariness you can handle. King then pro(es into the deeper) less recogni7a(le reasons as to &hy &e cra*e horror mo*ies. orror #ilms ta%e a&ay the ,shades o# gray in our li*es) and encourage our *ie&s to return to a childli%e manner 8King 1<. This return allo&s physiological relie# (y allo&ing the *ie&er to ha*e a mindset &here ,simplicity) irrationality) and e*en outright madness is allo&ed 8King 1<. King reminds readers that as %ids &e are sho&ered &ith praise #or ,good emotions (ut are punished #or ,(ad emotions 81<=1>. e eplains that antici*ili7ation emotions don+t go a&ay and that they need to (e eercised 8King 1>. Comparisons are made a(out the need to &atch horror mo*ies and the need #or alligators to eat. ?lligators cra*e meat &hile humans cra*e the thrillo# horror mo*ies 8King 1>. e in#orms readers that &e need to &atch horror mo*ies to %eep the ,(ad emotions a&ay and to %eep the ,good emotions at the sur#ace. ,The mythic horror mo*ie) li%e the sic% ;o%e) has a dirty ;o( to do) it appeals to all the &orst in us. 5t is mor(idity unchained) our most (asic instincts let #ree) our nastiest #antasies reali7ed) states King 81>. 8King 1!=195n their essay) ,-hy 3ampires 4e*er "ie) del Toro and ogan introduce readers to  (ac%ground %no&ledge on *ampires and ho& the original


 story (y John -illiam 'olidori came a(out. The author eplains that it &asn+t ;ust 'olidori &ho started the &hole myth o# *ampires. "el Toro and ogan tell a(out ho& e*en (e#ore the


 many cultures and people all around the &orld had their o&n *ersion o# the myth 8@<. They go on to relate to us the di##erenttypes o# *ampires that ga*e rise due to 'olidori+s story. The *ampire is (oth the ,romantic hero andthe undead monster 8del Toro and ogan @!. The authors eplain &hy &e as humans are


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